We develop next-generation casino game engines and platforms. And we dare say we do it well.

About us

What we do is not easy, we just make it look that way.

What we do

We are the proud creators of a software platform and game engine for the future of casinos across the world. Our work bridges a multitude of hardware, games, game engines and surrounding systems.

Since every part of our product is scrutinized through rigorous testing and certification, it needs to be world-class. There are no workarounds and no shortcuts, only creative solutions and quality work.

We develop in an agile manner, mostly in C#/.NET and some C++

The need for our products is growing. Fast. And so are we.

Who we are

We are a powerhouse of software engineers from all walks of life, who accomplish great things together, not despite our differences, but because of them.

We hold ourselves to high standards, and we share success and take responsibility as a team. We don’t step on each other to reach higher, and we don’t do blame game.

We navigate by applying core principles and common sense, not by blindly following policies and processes.

We’re not stuck in our ways. The best idea wins, whoever it comes from. And we can turn on a dime when we need to.

We know that shiny happy people do a better job, so we invest in making that a reality.