We develop next-generation games and platforms for casinos around the world.

What we do

It looks so easy when we do it.

171110_fyrberg_29661Creating the new classics

We create a next-generation software platform, game engines and games for traditional casinos worldwide, where our products are taking classic establishments into the 21st century. It’s almost like making a game console. An infinitely complicated game console that handles thousands of transactions…


Code of trust

Everything we do must pass a needle’s eye of extreme scrutiny, both for regulations compliance, as well as delivering bank level security. There are no workarounds and no shortcuts, only creative solutions and quality work.


Gazelle-like agility

We have an agile approach to everything we do, and work in sprints. Most work is organized in Jira, but the teams use it as it works best for them. Sometime we do sprints, sometimes Kanban. Each dev team comprises about five people and includes a tester.


Tools of the trade

While not specifically Microsoft-oriented, we work in a Windows environment and develop mainly in C#/.NET and C++, and the occasional Python script. We keep our precious code in Git.