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At Combination, we create technically advanced solutions for cloud-based sports betting and casino slot machines, for some of the largest and most demanding companies in the industry. While not specifically Microsoft-oriented, we work in a Windows environment and develop mainly in C#/.NET and C++, and the occasional Python script. We keep our precious code in Git.


Sports Betting

In sports betting we create scoreboards and data visualizations from high throughput data streams. Standards are strict for low latency and zero downtime. We work according to SCRUM, mostly with C#, and modern JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. We also utilize Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, Jira.



Within Casino, we create software for full casino cabinets including communication with bill acceptors, card readers, printers, touch screens, etc. We work mostly with C# in Visual Studio, and on occasion some legacy C++. In addition, we utilize NuGet, Git, TeamCity, Jira, Confluence. In order to meet security standards around locked OS, checksums, GAT, etc., we work with custom-made OS and BIOS.


Agile approach

We have an agile approach to everything we do, and work in sprints. Most work is organized in Jira, but the teams use it as it works best for them. Sometimes we do sprints, sometimes Kanban.

Teamwork of things

We expect a lot from ourselves and each other, and we treat each other like friends should. All are free to speak their minds, and suggest a different way forward.

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